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Strategy & Implementation

The Challenge

The key challenge in securing transformative outcomes for our boys and young men of color (BYMOC) is developing and sustaining a strategic plan that has the capacity to adapt and generate ongoing desired change, while at the same time responding creatively to immediate needs-- A process that allows us to be both “short-term responsive and long term strategic”. Mental models of competition over collaboration have calcified over time, due to programmatic strategies being the default for social change and the incentive structures that hod them in place. These incentive structures act as a paralytic fog that keeps us overwhelmed with the crisis, but unable to deal with the heart of why the crisis exists in the first place.

The Solution

We seek to create asystems approach framework that facilitates collective impact through collective action. This framework will take into account capacity building, research and learning, practical application, and community building. Our approach takes seriously the dynamic relationship between systems, structures, and individuals. The MBKCLTMeck framework is targeted in its strategy and universal in its goal.

We have identified 6 key system levers that most impact the outcomes of BYMOC

Criminal Justice
Health & Wellness
Social Capital


I am Aaron

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