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We look to lead a cross-sector city-county call to action focused on building safe and supportive systems for boys and young men of color. Join us in our promise to collectively produce unity and radical transformation.


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Empower Leaders and Changemakers

We work to support policies and organizations that address persistent opportunity gaps and help ensure all Charlotte-Mecklenburg boys and young men of color have the opportunity to achieve.

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Make a change today


Learn more about how to positively influence and engage with boys and young men of color in the Charlotte- Mecklenburg community

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My Brother’s Keeper Charlotte-Mecklenburg (MBKCLTMECK) mission is to improve the outcome for boys and young men of color by supporting initiatives that are focused on academic, mental wellness, college preparation and career readiness.

Journey with us to greater.

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Our Portfolios

My Brother's Keeper Charlotte-Mecklenburg intends to lead in the building of a network of cross sector partners working together to change outcomes for boys and young men of color. We are structured around three central Portfolios:

Three Central Portfolios


MBKCLTMeck is designed not to compete with programs but to elevate programming that proves impact. Our collective impact model takes into account a “root-cause analysis”, as well as understands the need for a result based accountability structure that asks key questions for impact.

Strategy & Implementation


Youth Voice and Choice

Real World Engagement

Our Support

Fiscal Agent
Data Support

Fundraising and Development
Community Engagement

Free home workouts and fitness plans

I’ve created these premium fitness classes for everyone starting from beginner to advanced level with an in depth FAQ.

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Be a part of the Solution

Each step we take is a step forward into progress. Join us in being committed to serving boys and young men of color.


Our Legacy
The charge of MBKCLT Mecklenburg is to ignite the greatness in each and every boy and young man of color in our community. We strive to navigate through and around the insurmountable odds until all that is great in them shows up.

Areas of Focus
Early Childhood: Ages Birth-5, Targeted Advocacy
Literacy: Ages 6-16, Targeted Volunteerism
Career Readiness: Ages 17-24, Targeted Funding

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MBKCLTMeck is the registered MBK Network of the Obama Foundation supported MBK Alliance.